Software Synopsis
This software does not pretend to be an all-singing-and-all-dancing solution to every need of your opticians practise.

What it does do is provide you with a reliable method of recalling patients when they are due a repeat eye-test. In addition, it can print a patients details for the optomitrist to use during his examination, and fill in the blanks on GOS 1-6 (English and Scottish) forms as required.

Reasons to consider my software
Try before you buy. You get one hundred (reuseable) records to see if my software suits your way of working.

OS Compatability. The software works on all versions of windows from 95 onwards. If you want to upgrade your hardware, no problem. Copy one folder from machine to machine (using cd or memory stick), ring me for a new licence key and you are good to go. No upgrade path, "consultancy fee", hidden charges - just one phone call.

Additional Access. Additional machines can be used (via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth) to update current patient records remotely.

Ongoing Support. No retainer, no monthly "service contract". If you've got a problem, ring me. If you want me to come to your premises we will have to agree my out-of-pocket expenses but other than that there is no charge.

Legacy Systems. Current hardware nearing end of life? Upgrade path going to cost an arm and a leg? I can retrieve data from most systems and I can do it before you have to decide whether to buy my system or not.

The Price. £500 gets you a one-shop licence. Second and subsequent licences generate a 40% discount (presuming no data conversion). I don't need to expand on what other systems would cost, if you are looking at this site then you already know.

Backup. You provide the device (USB Pen, Passport drive or portable hard drive) and I'll provide free software that not only secures your data, it also prints a report comparing your current database to how it looked the last time you backed up. See at a glance how many patients are due in the next two years and how many missed their appointments.
Program Features

Data Searches: Surname Last Appointment Next Appointment Last Letter Sent Post Code Last CL Appointment
Company Details Address and Opening Times
Patient Details General
Marketing Codes

Download Recall 12 Now
Select "Save" and download the .zip to your hard-drive (or desktop). Once its finished right-click and select extract all.
When you run the extracted "Recall 12.exe" you will be asked if you want to create the folder "C:\NAS Enterprises Software\Recall". Click "Yes" and your trial verion will be installed.

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It's probably obvious that this web site is still under development. Don't let this stop you dropping me an e-mail to to request a disc or download.
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